Donna Eden and David Feinstein, Ph.D.

Donna Eden and David Feinstein, Ph.D., together since 1977, have brought hope and healing to thousands of individuals and couples with groundbreaking techniques that address issues at their ENERGETIC core. With Donna's unique ability to SEE energy and David's background as a clinical psychologist, they bring something NEW and FRESH to the fields of medicine, psychology, and relationships.  

The Energetic Stress Style quiz is adapted from their NY TIMES bestseller, The ENERGIES of LOVE, Keys to a Fulfilling Partnership. Their previous award-winning book, Energy Medicine has sold more than a quarter-million copies and is available in over 18 languages.


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Learning about your own and your partner’s Energetic Stress Style is one of the most powerful steps you can take to help your relationship revive, improve, and flourish!

Your “Energetic Stress Style” describes the sensory mode you instinctively trust and favor when experiencing threat or stress, particularly when it involves your primary relationship. This favored sensory mode is patterned after one of the primary ways of experiencing the world (seeing, hearing, feeling, thinking). 

The Four Energetic Stress Styles





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The Energies of Love - Transcending the Limits of Your Relationship

Are you feeling disconnected from your partner?

Click Here to Take Our Free Energetic Stress Style Quiz

No matter how much you love one another, if you can't get your energies into harmony, it is going to be a rough road.

When you reach the point where "every word he utters makes it worse"
you know your Stress Styles are at odds.


Energetically, you become a different animal during relationship stress and your Energetic Stress Style distorts the one you love.  Find out your Style you'll bring new awareness and compassion to your relationship.  

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and take a powerful step toward helping your relationship improve and thrive.